01 November, 2011

All that jazz-y.

This year for RakhshaBandhan the customary 'sweet-dish' happened to be Aate Ka Halwa by demand.
That was the easy part.

Finding these rakhis, not so easy.

Sadly, I couldn't spot any coloured-sponge cutout ones this time. The sort that almost look like a sweet-dish, in fact. Like Cham-cham. Or Malai Sandwich. I really like to choose the jazziest and largest looking one (as much as I can get away with, before the protests start turning into outright refusal) to be tied onto an indulgent, brotherly wrist.

A rakhi without bling never seems quite authentic.  Not for me those discreet, subtle, minimalistic statements! It's the combined glitter of lurex, the royal touch of a velvet cut-out petal, or coloured sponge even, and the sheen of sequins or fake pearls that lend it all the appeal.
Not to forget those pom-pom ones, much loved by the smaller kids.

What kind do you like?

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