05 November, 2011


I'm not much of a one for juices. I'd rather eat the fruit instead. And for that, you just can't beat the "naati" variety which is so much easier to peel.

But juicing does provide the easiest solution to make use of two dozen Californinan oranges (gasp - imported! What about the carbon footprint? And not even organic, at that!) that somehow arrived at our home and have been ageing gracefully in the fruit basket for a couple of weeks.

The tendency is to identify with Groucho Marx when he thriftily exclaimed: "Now, just a minute, - oranges don't grow on trees you know."  (His guest had requested a second glass of OJ, having loved the first.)

But these need to be consumed fast, while the ageing is still graceful!  Can you spot some uncut, green-skinned oranges at the top-left corner of the picture below? Those are the "naati" ones (from Coorg in this case).  They were much greener - although very orange and sweet from inside, but they, too, have been ageing, albeit more visibly by changing their colour.

Here they are in CS side by side.  On the right is the naati orange that tends to be smaller, juicier, has thinner skin, lots of seeds, and a more intense flavor.  For grating the zest, or cutting a thin slice across  it's easier with the other one, though.

Not to mention using with a citrus juicer. It's certainly helpful if the entire ball of pulp with the inner skins doesn't land up in the juice!  The local technique that works very well with the naati oranges, is simply to peel them (the outer skin comes off quite easily) and pop them into a blender, then strain. There are other varieties, - the fruit vendor will generally ask - " Juice, ah?" - which are easier to use with the citrus juicer if you really, really want to.

And so it came to pass this lazy Saturday morning that we had fresh OJ.  It was delicious, I must admit.

Picture Credit: DH.

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