08 November, 2011

What Not To Eat

So let's say, we are inspired to eat healthy.  Where does one start?

Here's one suggestion.  (Many, many more to come later.)

One famous list (or infamous, given how you look at it), that apparently also conforms to Ayurvedic principles,
is the list of Five White Poisons that are detrimental to health and well-being.

Starring in random order -

1. Refined Sugar
2. Refined Salt
3. Dairy
4. Refined Oils/Animal Fats
5. Refined Flour/Rice (White flour/ white rice)

I do believe there might be something to this.

But it's mind-boggling work to try and implement a diet which restricts any of these things (let alone ALL) and when you throw in two fussy under-tens and a skeptical DH, replacing virtually everything from the plate (and cup) with a "healthier" alternative is asking for BIG trouble.  Too much trouble, in fact.

Which is why you'll still find many of these in my kitchen.

But I 'm working towards it.  The change is much easier when gradual, and by "adding newer healthy options" first and getting used to them, before "eliminating" anything altogether.

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