15 March, 2012

Change is the only constant.

So here I am after a ten week hiatus.

I never quite imagined that I'd actually take such a long time off from this still-new blog. But I did.

But then, I never quite imagined that my mother would have a heart attack and move on from this still-full life. But she did.

For a brief while, I almost decided to stop 'wasting time' in the virtual world altogether, and restrict all activity to more meaningful things in the 'real' one; that is to say, no more blogging.

But, no. For I clearly recall a casual conversation with my mom just before she passed away, in which she (and in fact, also my dad) not only unequivocally approved this 'pastime' of mine, - but promptly offered plenty of suggestions as to what all could feature in The Secret Formula!.

And so I shall keep it going.

With a few changes (as in my life), - for the blog, though, mostly appearance-wise (long overdue) - with hugely appreciated inputs from my wonderful, witty and generous friend A D-L who is an expert in this sort of domain and patient enough to take the trouble!.  One idli post in the near future, shall be dedicated to him, and naturally, a request for further feedback, once it's done!
How's that for gratitude?  :)

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