31 July, 2012


Butter-fruit heaven.  Or, kachumber goes to Mexico.

It's rarely that I ever get to make the much-loved guacamole, and that's because the even-more-loved avocados get eaten up and rarely last even as long as it takes to toss together this quick dip!

To make a good thing even better, the fat in the avocados, which is the healthy sort, also makes us absorb a lot more of the lycopene in the tomatoes. So, of course, my guacamole is tomato-rich, too.

And depending on the texture, it can be a salad, a dip, or a spread.

Skip the butter on toast (make it healthier using organic, wholewheat and home baked bread), and use this as the topping instead!

Or how about khakras?

Not to forget tortilla chips.

Or sesame Lavash.


Avocados - 1 large Peeled, de-stoned and roughly chopped
Tomatoes - 1-2 medium, finely chopped
           (De-seeded if you're trying to keep it less watery, Naati for a tangier, though juicier effect!)
Onion - 1 small, finely chopped
Lemon - 1 (juice only)
GreenChilly - 1-2 finely chopped (optional)
Fresh Coriander (Cilantro/Hara Dhaniya; Naati variety is better) - a large handful, finely chopped.
Salt - to taste

Tip:  For ready-to-use avocados, select ones that are firm, but when gently pressed will 'give' slightly.
Like gardening? Don't toss that seed out! Grow it! Good fun for kids, too.

(I've doubled it all.)


Put all the chopped ingredients in a bowl along with the lemon juice and salt. The lemon juice helps prevent the avocado from turning brown due to oxidization.

And mix it up well - using a fork to roughly mash the soft avocado pieces.
(Leave the pieces unmashed for a more salad-ish version.)

That's it. Serve fresh. Don't bother about leftovers - there won't be any.

Goes with just about anything. Great even by itself.

Good enough to be the dessert.


  1. Its one my favourite dips, creamy and filling. Loved that your having them with khakra.. just a perfect combination!

    1. Thank you runnergirlinthekitchen - the khakras are great - think I will try them with multigrain savory crisps, next! (Loved your post!) :)

  2. wow too good post! the last picture looks very tempting.Actually i was searching for avocado recipes,as i have heard many health benefits of this fruit like it helps to control BP, cholesterol levels and many more.Thanks for making this useful post with great pictures. I will try this :)

    1. Thank you Sundari! :) Sorry about the late reply - been having a few connectivity issues last couple of months. Hope you did try it and it turned out good. Avocados are simply delicious!



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