27 March, 2013

Banana-Spinach Smoothie - Tasting is Believing

Wait, don't go away!  You're going to be surprised, I promise.

I was.

I never thought I'd ever like a green smoothie.  Really, I didn't.

Until I tasted this one.

It's made up of just two ingredients: Banana and Spinach.

The banana (one per serving) can be overripe.  This might even be recommended - so a great way to use up old stock. For those in Bangalore or near-about, the regular variety is better than the Yelakki types for this.

As for the spinach, a handful of crisp, young leaves should do it. Freshly picked from your home garden is even better! Imagine the "Prana" potency of that!

Blitz it all in a mixie jar.

And it's done. That's it!

The consistency will be naturally like that of a perfect smoothie.

And taste?  Just like bananas!  So if you like bananas, you will like this.

I did.  

Such a delicious way to consume raw food - especially something like spinach greens, all the nutrients, great taste! If not for the colour, you wouldn't even know it had spinach in it! 

I especially love it because a glass of this smoothie not only keeps me energised and nourished, but also pretty satiated.

Recipe Source: Sharan India's program on Peas Vs. Pills.

Did you see how little there was in the mixie jar above, because one serving is just barely enough volume to churn around in it?  

That was because everyone at first politely declined my offer of this so utterly healthy and rejuvenating drink. Can you believe that? They did.  

But when it was ready, after tasting some, everyone (one by one!) said they'd like to have some more, please.  So I ended up making it several times.  

Well worth it, in my opinion.  Even if I had to can my Palak Paneer plans thereafter.  

It is now well accepted by all.  Suddenly the grass is greener. Simply bovine divine.
Serve immediately.  Watch out for halos.


  1. Glad I stayed and read this- thanks! I can't eat cooked spinach; the flavour makes me feel ill- but I can manage it raw. This looks like one way to make sure I get my greens. I am so going to make this when our homegrown spinach is ready :)

    1. That's so great Sarojini! Hooray for home-gardens!
      I agree, cooked spinach can be pretty off-putting in many cases - that "kasaila" taste! My earliest memories of learning about how to cook it include a tip from my uncle (who is a fantastic cook)to include ginger and green chillies right at the start, which effectively masks that "spinach-ey" flavour!
      I discovered rather late that it can be so delicious raw - but glad that I did! :)

  2. This truly is the most interesting smoothie combinations I have come across! Still thinking if I should give it a try or just chicken out!



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