25 July, 2013

Kid in The Kitchen - Walnut Pudding with Banana Sauce

Y1: "Ma, I've made dessert."

Me - Gasp!

If you've ever won an Olympic Gold, or unexpectedly found some money in your old jeans,  or seen a double rainbow after summer rain you know that feeling of sheer joy I experienced when I saw this.

It's a dessert made by my 10 year old, Y1 to those who've been here before.

Invented and executed all by himself. (I did help him dissolve the china grass in boiling water and heat up the milk, but in a distracted kind of way, - I was busy with a project, - and didn't really notice what he was up to.)

Because, for goodness' sake, it's a Healthy Dessert!

I guess somewhere, something's going right!

There are times when I wonder if my obsession interest in conscious nutrition is a bit of my own trip, and that given half a chance everyone would happily eat 'junk' all day and not care one bit.

Then this.

So after the initial hoo-ha, we actually taste the dish, which is in fact, quite delicious.

Simplicity itself. Perfection.

Ingredients for the Pudding.
Organic Shelled Walnuts -  3 kid-sized handfuls
China grass (agar-agar) - 5 gms
Milk - 1 cup (250 ml)
Palm Sugar - 1 Tbsp

Ingredients for the Sauce.
Ripe Bananas (Overripe is fine.  Better, even.) - 2 nos.
Honey - 2 Tbspns
Water - 5 Tbspns

1. Pound the walnuts in a mortar and pestle to make a coarse, sticky-ish powder.
2. Chop the china grass and dissolve it in boiling water till smooth.
3. Mix the walnut paste, dissolved china grass, and palm sugar into the hot milk.
4. Stir well.
5. Pour into a thali/tray or moulds and allow it to set for around half an hour or so.
6. It will set at room temperature, or keep it in the fridge if you like it cold.
7. Make the sauce by mixing the bananas (mashed thoroughly with a fork), the honey and water.
8. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the set pudding if it's in the thali, or unmould.
9. Serve the pudding with the sauce.

The best dessert, ever.

If you ever get curious about what my kitchen is like, here is an excellent depiction by Y2 (all of six).

Note: The person hopping about on the counter (and that's a bit of artistic license, - is not him, apparently!) is reacting and calling attention to the fact that milk is boiling over on the gas and meanwhile the pressure cooker is simultaneously whistling (a much disliked sound by most kids).

Chaos reigns all around.
But all's well.


  1. great post :) I love it when kids get creative with food. My daughter once made tofu cutlets at around that age. And I love the artwork!

    1. Thanks Sarojini! Wow - tofu cutlets sounds very advanced (and I'm sure I see your influence there!) What has she graduated to making nowadays?! :) I feel thrilled enough when kids show an interest in cooking at all - and then them getting creative is the cherry on the cake, so to speak.

  2. Love the recipe, gosh I couldn't concoct something even if I tried, I'm just one of those who follows others recipes and the drawing is adorable.

    1. Thanks again, Maya! It's a bit odd, I'd commented in reply here and it's gone missing! So posting another. Totally loved your spicy concoctions - and most of all the AWESOME embroidered recipe for Molaga Podi! I'm a fan! :)

  3. Hi Eco Mom:)
    First time here.There are so many things that I did like to read here.Don't want to miss any so gladly joining ur space.
    That sure is a new recipe for me with walnut and chia seed.

    1. Hi Meena, Welcome and Thank you. Loving 'elephants and the coconut trees' - Kerala is one of my absolute favorite places to visit - so I'm biased to begin with, - and your delicious stories there are a bonus treat! Joining your space, too. :) - ila.

    2. Thank you so much for stopping by my space and joining that is so sweet of you.



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