11 August, 2013

City Gardeners at the Lalbagh Flower Show.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post!

Lalbagh's biannual Flower Show is on till the 15th of August, 2013.

This time the Bangalore "city farmers" are having a display of plants from various terrace gardeners.

You can read about them and how it all started in the garden city in this piece from the Alternative which profiles Dr.Vishwanath Kadur as Bangalore's First farmer.  

If you like gardening/home-farming, or want to start, then you might like to join the Bangalore-based OTG (Organic Terrace Gardening) Group on Facebook. I have listed some more links on the Organic Page under the DIY section.

Also to keep on your radar, coming up in the last week of August, is the OFYT event, or Oota From Your Thota, meaning "Food From Your Garden" in Kannada.

The flyer below is of the previous one.

So off we went to Lalbagh to take a look. It was also an excuse to see the Flower Show; - bit crowded, but a beautiful riot of glorious colour.

If you visit, do check out their display, teeming with ideas for growing food from your garden.

It is very inspiring to see the fruitful result of the efforts put in by enthusiasts of all sorts from veteran to beginner, and many a home-based green thumb.

Of particular interest, are the various and innovative containers used to grow the plants.

Here you can find a strawberry plant growing in a recycled yogurt tub.

In some enthusiast's houses, I've even seen plants flourishing in used milk-packets, sacks, tubes, pipes, discarded tyres, bottles, packaging etc.! Not all of those might be safe for food, eg. rubber tyres which some believe cause exposure to undesirable leachates or possible allergens.

Some of the recycling is quite creative.

Gardening need not be expensive, either. Seeds can come from your pantry or you can even re-grow from kitchen scraps.

The rectangular troughs of varying sizes and depths, lined with poly sheet and placed on a metal frame with legs are the most popular for growing things like household leafy greens.  Ask how you can procure/make one.

I noticed a 'double-decker version' mounted on a slotted angle rack.

There's plenty of advice, encouragement and support on hand from their vast and varied online group for anyone who wants to have a food garden no matter how small the space, or how urbanised the dwelling. And plenty of appreciation for even the smallest harvest.  Join in the fun.

So here it is in pictures -

Aloe Vera Bloom
Aloe Vera Plant

Amaranth in container
Amaranth (Detail)

Wax Chillies detail.
Wax Chillies in container (bucket)



Might work better with a stronger bottle or lighter potting mix.
Cabbage in innovative container

Cabbage detail.
Cherry Tomato
Chikoo Tree in a pot (the larger one, at back)


Ladies Finger (Bhindi) detail.
Ladies Finger with taller Tur Dal  plant behind.

Tomato Plant in a bucket

Tomato detail.

Drumstick Tree in a pot.
Deer Tongue Lettuce
Green Chillies Potted

Green Chillies Detail.

Heirloom Brinjal

Heirloom Brinjal

Heirloom Brinjal

Red Chillies in a pot

Red Chillies Detail
Round Squash
Round Squash

Lettuce Romaine

Lettuce Romaine

Self Watering Container

Tur Dal

Purple Brinjal
Brinjal in a polybag

Palak (Spinach) detail.

Palak in innovative container.
Pandan ("Basmati-flavour") Leaves

Methi (Fenugreek) detail.
Methi (Fenugreek) in innovative trough.

Assorted herbs + handmade Ladybird.


Kumquat tree

Kumquat detail

By the time we were done, the last of the sun was caught by this fountain.

And that familiar city lamp. (Where else downtown can you spot it?)

So it was time to leave.

And make more plans for our own garden!


  1. What beautiful plants! Here in UK we have to grow things like chillis and brinjals indoors.

    1. Sarojini, I've always wondered, when you do that, are quite the same as when they grow in natural sunlight? And do you grow them anytime, or is it still seasonal? :) Out here it seems such a pity to waste the otherwise all-around perfect growing conditions due to the urban situation - so such initiatives are very much called for....

  2. Beautiful pics.I have passed through Lal Bagh area umpteen times but never got a chance to see inside.
    Aloe vera has blooms too hmmm..I am trying to recollect as there were so many at home butI have never seen that bloom!Thank you for the efforts of bringing it to the blog.

    1. Thank you Meena! Yes, I was equally surprised to discover that Aloe Vera flower - had it for years and it never did - but, surprisingly, now my plant at home is in full bloom too! Must be in the air! Do visit Lalbagh - I'm sure you'll love it, the earlier the better, as it tends to get very crowded towards the end. There's an interesting horticultural section, too, besides the flower show, which I haven't covered here.

  3. What a lovely set of clicks! Wanted to connect and say hello, as one of the gardeners who took part in the above exhibit :). And as a fellow blogger as well. Thanks for the lovely captures of the stall!

    1. Hey Aparna! Thank you, for stopping by and the appreciation! :) Loved your plants on display out there - I had been following the buzz on OTG and knew some of which were the results of your green thumb - the banana wax peppers, strawberry..... Delighted to discover your blogs - will surely keep re-visiting you there! - ila.



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