23 March, 2014

Adrak-Tulsi ki Chai, (Ginger-Basil Tisane): Herbal Home Remedies

Kid-friendly, too.

A couple of months back everyone at home was going through a spell of colds and coughs.

A very valid reason to behave like a complete invalid.

The thing to do of course, is get plenty of rest and fluids.

Catch up on reading, if one can somehow manage to hold up a book to read!

And lots of Ginger Tea! There's no such thing as too much comfort, is there?

This version of the chai, is a herbal infusion (tisane), a relatively mild version compared to the strong, sweet milky adrak-ki-chai (remember this?) - which is also highly recommended in such a case, but perhaps too rich to be had frequently throughout the day.

For a very bad sore throat or cold, though, we don't mess around with teas, but instead squeeze the juice from freshly grated ginger, mix equal quanitity of honey and gulp down half a teaspoon or so of this extremely spicy mix 'neat'! Concentrated, highly potent. Best had in small, spaced-out doses.

In this tisane, since there are no actual tea leaves used, it can be given to an ailing child, and if desired, by diluting it with hot water, or by omitting the boiling process and merely steeping the ingredients in hot water for a few minutes. And it can be had more often in milder versions.


Clean and grate (or crush) a piece of fresh root ginger. I like to scrape off the peel, but that's optional.

Roughly chop some leaves of the tulsi plant (Holy Basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum).

Bring a pot of water to boil.

Add the grated or crushed ginger to it and boil for a while (2-3 minutes. Longer for stronger taste)

Watch out for rapid boil-overs! Keep the flame on simmer.

Add the chopped or pinched or crushed basil leaves, turn off the flame.
 Cover, and let it steep for two or three minutes.

Add honey, lemon juice, freshly milled black pepper to taste.
Feel much better. And get well soon.


  1. I make the milky ginger pepper tea but I'm going to try this, looks yummy. So beautifully photographed Ila, love the blue and white tea cup patterned with roses and the little teaspoon rest.

    1. Thank you Maya. :) It always seems that having the tea in a nice cup somehow elevates the bliss level! This blue and white tea cup is one of my favorites, the last remaining in a set of two, one of which I broke a few days before this picture was taken!

  2. I think I need this...my cold won't go! Looks very comforting :)

    1. It sure is, Mel! :) My cold is gone now, but I still make this fairly often! Hope your cold goes away soon.

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  4. is it valuable for belly fat burning ?



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