28 July, 2014

In-the-Pink Mocktail

Simply refreshing.

With a wonderful natural drink like tender coconut water, I wouldn't be inclined much to add anything to try and improve the flavour.

If at all I had to, though, then it would be just the merest hint of a complimentary flavour with just a suggestion of a cool, herbal note to take that "refreshing" a little further.

And so this light and nourishing mocktail is made with just four simple, fresh, natural ingredients. No refined sugar. Makes an awesome Preggatini, too.  :)

This recipe is my entry to the UrbanDazzle Contest for the Indian Food Bloggers Meet about to happen soon!

I rather think these z-stemmed margarita glasses from UrbanDazzle would be ideal to showcase the beautiful delicate pink colour of this lovely and healthy Preggatini!

Tender coconut water - 200 ml
Organic raw Litchee honey - 1 Tablespoon (or to taste)
Fresh Pomegranate juice - 30 ml
Fresh Peppermint/Spearmint/Japanese mint leaves - 2 nos (plus for garnish)

Combine all the liquid ingredients add the finely shredded mint leaves

Serve at room temperature or chilled as desired.

Great in summers, or  monsoons! :)



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