25 July, 2014

Plum Buttermilk Sorbet Medley

Plums in a sorbet - a double treat! Healthy, too!

Pictured above are four versions made as a work in progress using plum coulis and cultured buttermilk (that is fresh sweet buttermilk that comes from churning homemade butter from yoghurt cream.
Full of probiotics.

This post is an entry to the IFBM KitchenAid contest.

Ingredients are just two, Plum coulis (lightly poached and pureed plums), and Buttermilk (thicker the better).
The coulis is made as given here (the sweetener can be of your choice, stevia, or palm candy)
  • The light pink version is an equal mix of the plum coulis and buttermilk
  • The dark pink is just the plum coulis.
  • White is just the buttermilk
  • The marbled effect is with the buttermilk and plum coulis, not blended.
Simply freeze the liquids at the coldest freezer setting. Break up the ice crystals really well with a fork at least twice or thrice when just set.
Scoop and serve immediately with toppings if required.

Enjoy, guilt-free!

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