15 April, 2015

Review: Baisakhi Food Festival at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel.

Celebrating the harvest season, a-la-Punjab

The other day, when I received an invite to the Baisakhi food festival at Sheraton Bangalore, anticipation mingled with some slight trepidation at all the excess that I was bound to consume.

I needn't have worried.

There was enough for my conscious self, as well as the indulgent one, so that both senses were satisfied and no after-effects to fret over!

To top it all, a sudden downpour with thunder and lightning (after I reached, luckily!) added to the atmosphere, and made the experience doubly enjoyable in the comfotable interiors.

There was all of the promised, large hearted, flavourful, colourful, full-bodied Punjabi meal from the fertile land of bhangra and sarson ka saag to do justice to the harvest celebrations.

Live counters, make your own chaat, tandoor, happy distractions of the various other cuisines that were all around (and beckoned a taste!) a challenge for those who dared, something for every preference.

My favorite was of course, the sarson ka saag and makke aur bajre ki roti.  Not excessively spicy and easy to have a second helping without worries.
The kulfi was good too, though I would have preferred the original, hard-set, conical version, and would skip the falooda.
Fresh hot jalebis with rabri more than made up for that.

Baisakhi Food Festival, on till 19th April, Lunch and Dinner
Venue: Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar- Malleshwaram

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