16 October, 2015

Malabar Food Festival at Sheraton Grand Bangalore: Review

Bringing in flavours from lush, picturesque Kerala.

Just before the start of the Navaratris, I was invited to try the Malabar cuisine being showcased at the Sheraton Hotel, which I did after checking to make sure that there would be vegetarian fare as well.

I was not disappointed. Visiting Chef Gladwin Antony, from Le Meridien Kochi, ensured that there was plenty for everyone, the tastes were indeed very authentic, and there were many of the specialities from the Golden Coast featured.

One of the interesting aspects of the theme was the decor in the restaurant. Many elements from the region were incorporated into the serving areas, the ceiling, the welcome area and live counters.

And, of course, the food itself was the highlight! Among the many things that I tried (and loved) were  kerala steamed rice,  dal pappanka,vendakai mapas, matianga pulisery, paruppu saaru, thalassery vegetable biryani, carrot and cabbage poriyal, desserts - fruit halwa, jaggery halwa, the exotic omali, flat rice kheer, paruppu payasam,starters - potato patties, amaranth-lentil fritters, live-counter specialities -  kerala banana fritters, payzam pori, appam, kalappam, vegetable stew, some of which are pictured below.

A great fest!

Malabar Food Festival, on till 18th October.
Venue: Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar- Malleshwaram


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    1. Thanks Sarojini! Yes - i could live on this kind of food all the time! :)



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