09 December, 2015

Baked Ajwain Namakparas: Method 1. (Wholewheat, Carom Crisps.)

Quick-fix, low-fat, wholegrain, wholesome, easy-to-make.

Whenever I want a super-quick accompaniment to chai, (and who doesn't?), this is one of my favorite  things to make.

These crisps taste great on their own just as they are.  But they are also excellent chips to go with any kind of dip. An accompaniment to the accompaniment, so to speak!

I tried them with some fresh, home-made pesto. Yum.

This version is ultra quick for me because I usually have fresh chapati dough readily at hand in the fridge (since I knead one or two days worth every time), but even if you don't, you can always try the shortcut version of kneading a small portion.

Or better yet, if making from scratch anyway, try Method 2 (similar to this).

1. Kneaded Wholewheat Chapati dough with carom seeds: as required. See here, or here, or even here, (this last for technique on how to embed carom seeds into dough that's already kneaded) for how to make.
2. Ghee (melted): 1/2 to 1 scant teaspoon (Replace with oil for vegan).


1. Roll out the dough into a flat chapati shape.
2. Take some melted ghee (or oil).
3. Drizzle about a half to one teaspoon on it (more or less depending on how big your rolled out chapati is), and spread it evenly all over the surface using a spatula.
4. Roll the chapati into a log (greased side in).
5. Flatten the log a bit, and smear a bit of ghee/oil onto the top of the flattened log.
6. Roll up the log, greased side in, again. 
7. Lay the spiral down on its side.
8. Flatten the spiral.
9. Roll out the flattened spiral again... 
10. ....like a chapati. (This is, in fact, exactly how I make paranthas!)
11. .....to around 2mm thickness. (Very thin This is important, it has to be 'cracker' thin.)
12. Cut this into diamond shapes. Prick vent holes (I didn't, this time.)
13. Place them singly onto a baking sheet (I use a stainless steel plate sometimes, which works just fine, if I can't find my cookie sheet, - yes, that does happen.) I do not find it necessary to grease or even line the tray.
14. Bake at 180 deg C for 12-15 minutes or till lightly browned. With the oven fan on this gets done in barely ten minutes.
15. Cool, and serve.  Or store in an airtight jar for upto a few days.

So, in effect, all I've really done is cut up a parantha and baked the pieces instead of griddle frying it as a whole. :D

And it works beautifully.

Try it with other herbs or spices for variety.

Great as a quick nibble or toddler snack. (Healthy, wholegrain, preservative-free, home-made!)

Or, as a chip with a dip. Try any chutney, salsa or yoghurt dip to keep it healthy. Here with home-made pesto, - equally great.

Other optional, but highly recommended acccompaniments, chai and nice sunset view.

Guilt-free, too.

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