17 January, 2016

Fresh, Green, Mint Chutney.

Raw. Green. Fresh. Zingy. Delicious.

I'll pass the green smoothie (sometimes).

And make me a mint chutney dip instead.

This is one condiment that my kitchen cannot do without.

Whipped up in a jiffy, with just a few fresh ingredients.

Fresh Pudina (Mint) leaves: - 1 bunch (picked, cleaned, 1 packed cup)
Hara Dhaniya (Fresh Coriander leaves): - 1 bunch (picked, cleaned, 1 packed cup) optional, replace with more mint leaves
Lemon juice: -  from 1 juicy large lemon. (I use two, because, - so tangy, so nice.)
Fresh Ginger: - Half inch piece, scraped, grated. (Optional)
Green Chilly: - 1 (Optional, or, to taste)
Salt: - to taste

Blend all the ingredients in the chutney jar (or stone grind!) into a smooth paste, using a little water, if required. 

Note: Since I use double the amount of lemon juice, mmmm, tangy, I don't need to add any water at all, it makes a thick spreadable chutney. But, depending on the end use, the consistency could be thinner, in which case water can be added.

The addition of water will also make it easier to whizz small quantities.

Another way to facilitate the grinding of the chutney is to chop the greens before whizzing.

It is the perfect end-product by itself, as well as a great base for many others.

A must-have piquant accompaniment for many Indian chaats and dishes.

This versatile chutney works well as a spread or a dip.

Quintessentially fresh.


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