18 November, 2016

Pomegranate Juice, and an easy, natural Ayurvedic solution for anaemia.

Sweet, tart, refreshing, delicious. Also packed with anti-oxidants and nutrition.

If I'm reaching for a nice, healthy drink, chances are high that it will be this one.

Pomegranate juice has always been one of my favorites.

But ever since I got to know from an ayurvedic pratitioner about how one simple, small addition not only further enhances it's taste, but also apparently improves the iron absorption (by increasing it's bio-availability) multi-fold times (apparently something like 2000x), I've been hooked to making it that way.

And that small addition is the wonder fruit called Amla - the super food that is pretty much revered all over the Indian subcontinent as such by our ancient scriptures and holds a place of pride in the arsenal of many ayurvedic remedies.

Why amla? Because, (as per this study conducted at the Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine), amla is supreme when it comes to enhancing iron dialysability and uptake, and that is, besides being commonly and cheaply available.
Phyllanthus emblica L. (Indian gooseberry or amla) is a well-known dietary supplement (Rasayana) in Ayurveda used in the management of iron deficiency anaemia (Pandu). Amla is said to act by regulating the ‘metabolic fire’ (agni), which is important for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

If taking it therapeutically, try keeping the ratio around 20-30 ml of amla juice to a glass (around 200ml) of pomegranate juice.

Else, simply add a couple of amlas (de-seeded) into the mixie along with the arils of one pomegranate, some water, blend, strain and enjoy! Or, if amla is not available, just add any source of Vitamin C such as orange juice. :D

And, for at least an hour before and after having this drink, avoid few things like tea, coffee, chocolate, spinach to maximise the benefits. These contain certain compounds and phytonutrients including tannins and oxalic acid, which prevent the body from from absorbing the iron.

Delicious food can be medicine, too.

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