As a mother of two wonderful children, I have developed a renewed interest in the delightful art of cooking - after a hiatus of 15 years! The major change (and challenge) this time around is to discover and make things that are not only appealing to everyone, but also healthy.

I've started this blog to pass on my list of recipes and mom-gyan, such as it is, to the kids (Y1 and Y2, both under ten, and far too computer-savvy for comfort, already!) so that when they, ultimately, get around to stirring a pot in the kitchen, and managing things on their own, and start asking me "Ma, how do you...?" or "What do we....?" I can say with a smug expression (or, with just a smile, in the case of friends and relatives) - "Just look it up on the TSF blog. It's all right there!"

I say this with complete conviction that such a day will surely arrive, as it did for me, and also for (surprise!) my husband, which it did around the same time that we got married and started setting up home (no surprise?)! Our marriage also resulted in an interesting adaptation of different cuisines (he's a Southie, I'm a Northie, but both from Indian, vegetarian backgrounds).

The intention is to try and provide as clear a picture as possible of the entire process and document it with many photographs - my other favorite hobby! This has been a bit difficult at times - especially when I'm the sole chef as well as the sole photographer, - but I will try my best. Because of this there will be some tricky, one-hand captures of the action with a compact camera, as well as some better ones, when conditions allow!  Y1 and Y2 are ever-willing to pitch in, and there will be an occasional entry with one of them (or a guest) getting a credit, too!

Another important inspiration for this blog is to share and learn more about conscious nutrition and organic products. For quite sometime now, I have been trying to "go green" - at least as much as is really possible. (In an ideal world, this would be completely!).

So, with the exception of those for special occasions, the choice of recipes and even the ingredients used, will mostly reflect my conscious attempt to incorporate healthier practices in everyday diet (as I currently believe; - this might be subject to change!).  Besides recipes, I will also try to discover products, general information and sources (in and around Bangalore).  I'd like to see the day when this is so commonplace that such a list will be redundant.


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