Local Organic Resources

Resource List, Products and Services.
This is arbitrarily based on products that I have tried (mentioned in brackets), and obviously not exhaustive. Will keep updating this page.
Links are to their respective websites. (Some stores, eg.Namdhari's, stock non-organic produce along with organic.)

I do not specifically endorse any product.

Conscious Communities and Networks.

Resorts, Hotels and Restaurants.

"Who, Me?!" a.k.a.
Gardening Self-Help Groups, DIY Resources.


  1. There is a Brand new Organic store in Malleshwaram.

    Nammane Organics
    #32, 18th cross, 8th main,
    Bangalore 560 055
    Ph : + 91 99023 45458.

  2. Healthy Buddha is an online store and their stuff is very good.

    1. Thank you, Nupur. Delighted to discover you here! (I just got to know that you are a blogger! Adding to my reading list!) :)
      Yes, I've tried Healthy Buddha's weekly package a couple of times. Will duly add to the above list, though I think it's in need of a severe overhaul. Mostly, though, I love going out veggie shopping! Touch, feel and select the best sort! :D
      Was fun running into you at Dastakar! :D

  3. There is an Online Organic Store in Chennai

    My Right Buy
    Phone number: +91 984 111 4554
    Email us: care@myrightbuy.com

    Please add this info to above list

    Sathish from Organic Cosmetic Products

  4. It is difficult nowdays to stay healthy due to so much pollution and the quality of food we get. I switched to organic food

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing nice article, we at Akshayakalpa sell's pure organic healthy products like Milks, Curd, Paneer, Ghee, Cheddar, Cheese, Butter online bangalore, We deliver products at your doorstep. Click here to avail subscription: https://www.akshayakalpa.org
    Organic store online bangalore



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